Dynamic Chiropractic – April 15, 2014, Vol. 32, Issue 08

News in Brief

By Editorial Staff

Hamm Elected New President of the ACA

At the American Chiropractic Association's recent House of Delegates meeting in Washington, D.C., delegates elected Anthony Hamm, DC – who made history in 2011 as the first doctor of chiropractic to co-chair the American Medical Association's Health Care Professionals Advisory Committee Review Board (HCPAC) – as association president.

Dr. Hamm will serve as ACA president for the next two years, (and continues his service as HCPAC co-chair following his re-election earlier this year).

Dr. Hamm, who has served in various capacities within the ACA including vice president, Council of Delegates president, and past chairman of the Coding and Reimbursement Committee and Ethics Committee, told delegates in his first remarks as ACA president:

"We possess the opportunity to shape health care into a conservative-first approach, to promote health, wellness and preventive strategies and to promote patient-centered, evidence-informed health care."

WFC / ACC 2014 Education Conference: Call for Papers

The World Federation of Chiropractic and the Association of Chiropractic Colleges have issued a call for papers in advance of the organizations' joint educational conference, "Chiropractic Education for a Changing Healthcare Environment." The Oct. 29 – Nov. 1, 2014 conference will be held in Miami, Fla., and will feature oral and poster presentations of the top paper submissions.

The deadline to submit short summary papers (500-1,000 words) is May 31; papers must fit into one of the following three categories: 1) interdisciplinary education; 2) clinical governance; 3) education, policy and research. Comprehensive category descriptions and additional information regarding paper submission are available by tap here.

F4CP Recognizes Standard Process as $1 Million Supporter

The Foundation for Chiropractic Progress recently recognized whole-food supplement manufacturer Standard Process for surpassing the million-dollar donation mark. The company's total contributions to the foundation are expected to exceed $1,057,000 this year.

"It is an absolute privilege to contribute to such a deserving organization," said Charlie DuBois, president, Standard Process. "We are fully committed to the F4CP, and wholeheartedly believe that through our collaborative efforts more patients will be exposed to and experience the many benefits associated with chiropractic care."

Texas Chiro. College Begins Search for New President

Texas Chiropractic College's Board of Regents has announced it has initiated a nationwide search to identify the 14th president of the college following the retirement of longtime president Dr. Richard Brassard in September 2013. Dr. Brassard, affiliated with the college since 1985, served as president for almost 10 years.

TCC's search for Dr. Brassard's successor begins with a delegation of board members who have been named to the presidential search committee, led by TCC Board Chair Dr. Monte Blue.

"A deliberative search process offers an important opportunity to understand and clarify the priorities and challenges of TCC," said Dr. Blue. "The selection of the 14th President of Texas Chiropractic College is one of the most important tasks the Board of Regents has before it. I thank the members of the search committee for their help in developing a pool of qualified applicants to be considered by the full board."

League of Chiropractic Women Hosts Women's Success Summit

In March, the League of Chiropractic Women (LCW) hosted the Women's Success Summit, a seminar in Atlanta designed to "inspire and empower women and provide a space for conversations about what constitutes success for a woman in chiropractic," according to Dr. Patti Guiliano, LCW co-founder. The second annual summit featured an array of speakers including Irene Gold, Liz Anderson Peacock, Lisa Olszewski, Mary Flannery, Ruth Ribley and others.

To learn more about the Success Summit and the League of Chiropractic Women, founded in March 2012 to "intentionally develop, empower, and grow a community and a legacy of powerful and innovative women leaders in loving service for Chiropractic," tap here.


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